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Compliance Action, Volume 27, Number 8

December 31, 2022

Discriminatory Bias in Appraisals (4 Action Steps)

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

There has been increased regulatory focus on fair lending violations involving appraisal bias.

Thresholds and Exemption Levels: Updated (2-page Table)

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

Regulators are updating more of the thresholds and exemption levels for 2023.

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Fair Debt Collection Act Examination Procedures

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

Change to FDCA examination procedures is in the air...don't blow off the chance that you could be at risk of violating UDAAP.

Compliance Notes

Modernization of FDIC’s Signage Requirements (4 Action Steps)

By Nancy Castiglione, CRCM

The FDIC is proposing changes to modernize their rules relating to the FDIC signage and advertising rules to include digital channels.

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Nancy Castiglione, CRCM
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